A history of fighting for jobs

“The loudest voices will often try and silence the few, but the limited few standing together are the ones that will change the world – history has shown us this time and time again.” – Mayor Lovely A. Warren

Lovely Warren has been fighting for jobs in our community over her entire career. In 2012, when she was City Council President and Northeast Representative, a large group of people came to City Hall protesting the planned Genesee Brew House. Mayor Warren stood as the lone legislator supporting the voice of the community in the matter – she organized a group of neighborhood residents, and stood up for the vision and opportunity she saw for the area. Now, 5 years later, Genesee Brewery is thriving and expanding; jobs are being created in the hundreds, and our Governor is investing millions in the brewery’s expansion. A neighborhood is coming alive again – all because a group of community residents, with the help and leadership of a single legislator, stood up and said that they believed in change and opportunity.

In 2012, Mayor Warren’s leadership saved the Genesee Brewery, and 350 jobs. The Brewery’s expansion will create 128 new full-time jobs, 64 of which are required to be filled by Rochester residents that live in challenged neighborhoods. The area will be transformed into an Eco-Brewery District, and the 24-acre campus will be overhauled. Without Mayor Warren’s leadership, none of this would be possible – due to her efforts, a part of Rochester that was neglected for far too long has hope and opportunity for the future.

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