Better Educational Opportunities

“I know that every decision and choice we make as leaders, as parents, as teachers, as a community can make the light in a child’s eyes shine bright for education – or slowly begin to dim.”

Mayor Warren recognizes that providing quality educational opportunities is the foundation of a thriving city. Did you know that 75% of the crimes that are committed in the United States are committed by high school dropouts? Therefore, the best way to make our streets safer is to make sure that every citizen receives the best possible education.

As a mother, Mayor Warren has a vested interest in the education that Rochester’s children receive. She often visits schools to meet with and encourage students. Though she doesn’t publicize her visits, during the course of her first term in office Mayor Warren has visited almost every public, private and parochial school in the city. She believes that building up children is an investment in Rochester’s future.

But improving educational opportunities doesn’t end with children. Mayor Warren believes that it is important to invest in continuing education for adults as well. Whether it is high school equivalency education, job search skills training, or vocational training for displaced workers, Mayor Warren strongly supports programs to help every citizen in Rochester achieve their educational goals.