Councilmember Carolee Conklin Endorses Lovely for Mayor and Loretta Scott for City Council

Rochester City Council Member Carolee Conklin today endorsed Mayor Lovely Warren and Loretta Scott for the upcoming Democratic primary election.

She said, “I am proud to endorse Lovely Warren for Mayor. As our first woman and only the second African American Mayor, Lovely is the embodiment of Rochester’s proud progressive history and she is our best hope for a bright future. Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony and all of our city’s residents who stood with them, were fighting to ensure that one day our city could be lead by someone like Lovely Warren — someone with strong progressive values and who isn’t afraid to fight for the least amongst us.

Since our days serving together on city council, Lovely has always stood up for those who sometimes don’t have a voice. She has forcefully and unwaveringly lead our city’s resistance to Donald Trump’s regressive, bigoted and wrong policies. Lovely has stood for all of Rochester’s people regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin or gender identity. Lovely’s policies have made Rochester a leader in environmental issues, community-policing, transgender rights, and in so many other ways. She has accomplished all of this while earning our city two bond rating upgrades and has even cut taxes over the past two years for our hard working residents, families and seniors. Time and time again, I have watched Lovely provide the kind of leadership our city needs. I’ve watched her stand up for our city and that’s why I am standing up to support Lovely Warren in this year’s Mayoral primary.

I also know Mayor Lovely Warren needs strong partners on City Council to be effective. To ensure our city continues on a strong footing, I am also endorsing Loretta Scott for reelection to City Council. Loretta cares deeply about our city because she genuinely cares about its citizens. Like Lovely, Loretta is a mother and, as a mom, she fights everyday to be sure our city’s children are given every opportunity to succeed. Loretta is a champion for all of her neighbors and provides much needed leadership on city council to be sure that residents voices are heard and that their needs are being met. As an active and life-long Democrat, I hope my friends in the Democratic Party will join me in supporting Loretta Scott and Lovely Warren in the upcoming Primary Election on September 12th. Lovely and Loretta are the right team for Rochester.”