Mayor Warren delivers for Rochester

A few years ago on a radio show, Mayor Lovely Warren talked about her vision for building upon the success of the Strong Museum, and the possibility of an indoor water park in Downtown Rochester. Today, we are one great step closer to making her vision a reality. Lots 4 and 5 of the former Inner Loop East, which was also filled in under her leadership, will be sold to the Strong Museum of Play, Konar Development, and Indus Adventure Street LLC to redevelop and expand the Strong. The development will include a family-friendly hotel with a water park feature, retail, and a residential complex. It will transform the Strong Museum, enhancing what is already a national destination, and pave the way for the reinvention of the Inner Loop as a vibrant new neighborhood that will be accessible to all.

In addition, Mayor Warren discussed plans to demolish the dilapidated Terrence Building on the site of the former Rochester Psychiatric Center, which has sat vacant for years. Robert Morgan and Ralph DiTucci will develop a mixed-use project, including commercial space, apartment buildings and townhomes, retail, a walking trail, and a four-story hotel. The new development will be an incredible new asset for the neighborhood, the University of Rochester, and Strong Memorial Hospital.

Projects like these, along with many others throughout all of Rochester, show the truly unprecedented level of development that is taking place under Lovely Warren’s leadership — and will continue to take place over the next 4 years.

Learn more about the Strong’s plan to expand and create a “neighborhood of play”