Mayor Warren endorsed by 1199SEIU

Mayor Lovely A. Warren has received the endorsement of 1199 SEIU, a union representing over 2,000 health care workers in Monroe County – a majority of whom live, work, and vote in the City of Rochester. According to Tracy Harrison, the Administrative Organizer for 1199, Mayor Warren has been “a thoughtful and dedicated partner in our fight for working families in the City of Rochester. She has supported workers who want to organize for better wages and healthcare joining them on the picket line, played a pivotal role in addressing all the roots of poverty, including low wages and has helped make the City a more desirable place to raise families.”

Mayor Warren, discussing 1199’s endorsement, said, “I am proud to accept the endorsement of 1199. Its members represent some of the most hard-working and dedicated individuals in our community, and I am honored to have their support. Working together with our labor leaders and other community partners, we will continue to transform our City into a place in which all citizens have the opportunity to receive a quality education, work a well-paying job, and live in a safe and vibrant neighborhood.”

“As a healthcare worker at our community’s largest employer, I see the need for the Mayor’s continued leadership, said Jerald Drain Chairperson of the 1199 Chapter at Strong Memorial Hospital. “She’s been very clear in making it a priority that all residents of our community should be afforded the means to succeed, from employers to employees and parents to students.”