Mayor Warren Reminds Citizens of Their Right to Vote

Mayor Lovely A. Warren is urging citizens to exercise their right to vote tomorrow — regardless of which candidate they support.

Citizens can check their registration status by visiting the Monroe County Board of Elections Web site Attorneys will be be available at the Monroe County Board of elections for any citizens who feel their right to vote is being infringed upon. For assistance please call 753-1550.

Citizens who need a ride to the polls should call the Warren campaign office at 445-8232.

Mayor Warren also encourages citizens to vote in the down-ballot races. Mayor Warren has endorsed Mitch Gruber, Malik Evans, Willie Lightfoot, Dana Miller and Loretta Scott for City Council; and Sabrina Lamar and Cecilia Golden for Commissioner of Schools.

We have run a hard-fought campaign, and now it is up to voters to decide who they want to lead our city for the next four years. Mayor Warren would like to thank each and every person who volunteered for her campaign, who supported her and who believed in her.”