More Jobs For Rochester Residents

All it takes is one job to break the cycle of poverty. One person with a good-paying job can set his or her family on a new path that will continue for generation after generation. As we work to undo the shame of Rochester’s poverty rates, the key to success lies in creating more jobs.

Mayor Warren is working to create more jobs in Rochester by carefully managing the City’s fiscal resources, competing for federal and state dollars to support projects and initiatives, encouraging private-sector investments in our neighborhoods and enhancing our city’s reputation as an attractive place to live work and play. Above all, she is working to ensure that Rochester’s job growth benefits all of our citizens, especially those who live in poverty.

Mayor Warren is accomplishing these goals on many fronts, from seeking new opportunities to draw federal and state resources, to attracting more tourist dollars to our waterfront and entertainment districts to partnering with local colleges and universities to help citizens learn 21st century job skills. A firm believer that a rising tide lifts all boats, Mayor Warren works closely to help business leaders succeed, so all of our citizens can prosper.

When residents have the security of employment, they are in better position to help their children succeed in school and play an active role in helping their neighborhoods become more safe and vibrant.