Safer Streets & Neighborhoods

All of our citizens deserve a safe place to raise their family. Every neighborhood should be a safe, vibrant place that our citizens are proud to call home. When citizens take pride in their neighborhood, they work harder than anyone to make it safe for everyone.

Mayor Warren believes the key to public safety is public involvement. The community must be fully engaged and actively participate in efforts to create safer streets, which lead to more vibrant neighborhoods. Rochester police officers and firefighters are in the best position to protect and serve our city’s citizens and visitors when they fully understand the unique challenges, opportunities and aspirations of the people of Rochester.

Mayor Warren is working to foster better relationships between the City’s Police and Fire Departments by opening new lines of communication, creating more opportunities for community engagement ensuring the Departments’ workforce reflects the city’s population.

Safer, more vibrant neighborhoods encourage increased investments and job creation, which allows parents to play a more active role in their children’s education.