Better Educational Opportunities

Mayor Lovely Warren on Education:

“Giving every child an equal chance to succeed and a fighting chance at life is what motivates me everyday. From a child’s first days through adulthood we have to provide the best possible educational opportunities and nurture everyone’s ability and desire to learn. That’s why I have worked with our school district and partners throughout our community to expand pre-k programs, create community schools and support our kids during this difficult time of remote learning.

Yet, we all need to do more to support our children and our schools. I committed to that work and my record shows it. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. You can always email me at with any questions or ideas about how we can create even better educational opportunities!”

Mayor Warren’s Achievements Toward Improving Education:

  • To give our children the best possible start in life, Mayor Warren created a nationally-recognized universal pre-K program for Rochester’s families in partnership with community leaders and RCSD.  The result? The number of children who participated in this vital program increased by over 1,200 percent.
  • Mayor Warren believes that our schools should be the heart of our neighborhoods. That’s why she helped create a community beacon school at Enrico Fermi School 17.  At this innovative combined school and R-center, families and children have access to wrap-around services including medical and dental care, job training and assistance programs. School 17 is the heart of the JOSANA neighborhood helping improve home values, reduce crime and lower unemployment.
  • Learning remotely during the pandemic is harder for everyone, but especially our families in need. That’s why Mayor Warren helped provide 2,900 City school students with laptops and/or internet access. She secured and provided $1 million to make sure all of our kids have what they need to succeed during the pandemic.
  • Mayor Warren believes our kids deserve first-rate modern schools equal to suburban kids. That’s why she fought for over $760 million to renovate 26 City with new classrooms, technology, gyms, auditoriums and other facilities. This investment in our kids now will deliver great returns in the future.
  • Providing a safe place for children to get help while remote learning is a priority for Mayor Warren. That’s why nine R-Centers are open as “Learning Labs.” The “labs” give kids access to teachers and tutors to help with school work and a healthy place to play when school is done. They can even grab a healthy meal since breakfast, lunch and dinner is served.
  • Ensuring children and families can read together and have access to learning materials is essential. But, late fees and fines were keeping too many families from using our libraries. So Mayor Warren eliminated late fees and fines for children’s books and materials increasing their use by 1600%. Today, our kids and parents are using our libraries to provide a strong foundation for life-long learning and an essential love of reading.