City Council Vice President Willie Lightfoot Endorses Mayor Lovely Warren

Lightfoot Stresses Mayor’s Work to Fight Crime & Violence and Support Small Businesses

(June 21, 2021) – City Council Vice President Willie Lightfoot endorsed Mayor Lovely Warren for reelection citing her leadership to bring crime to 30-year-lows prior to the pandemic and her success creating jobs and supporting small businesses.

“Mayor Warren has gotten it done. She has doubled the amount of jobs created and investment in our City neighborhoods compared to the 8 years before she took office. Provided over 600 employers with millions of dollars during the pandemic to keep them going. Gave job training and a path to good careers to hundreds of people via programs like ReJob and YAMPTEP,” said Vice President Lightfoot. “She also helped create the ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition that along with our police and community brought crime down to 30-year-lows before the pandemic. Mayor Warren has done it before and I know that together with our residents we can do it again. That’s why I support her 100 percent.”

Mayor Warren thanked Vice President Lightfoot for his support and stressed their partnership to combat gun violence in the community and recruit Black and Brown residents to serve in our Police and Fire departments.

“Vice President Lightfoot has the respect of the community because he works everyday to protect our neighborhoods and lift them up,” said Warren. “Together, we are creating our Office of Neighborhood Safety to empower our community organizations and neighborhoods to reduce crime and provide alternatives to our high-risk youth. We are also going to build on our success delivering the most diverse recruit class ever for our Fire Department and continue to add more Black and Brown officers to our Police department.”

Both Mayor Warren and Vice President Lightfoot urged Rochesterians to get out and vote.

“Your voice needs to be heard. And, to be heard you need to vote,” said Lightfoot. “Our work only continues if you do your part. Make sure you vote early or on Primary Day.”

“The key to creating more jobs, safer more vibrant neighborhoods and greater educational opportunities for our City is your vote,” said Mayor Warren. “The best way for your voice to be heard is by getting to the ballot box. Every vote matters and we need you to stand up for our community. So show you still believe by voting on Primary Day!”

Information about early voting, including rides to the polls, can be found at