City Councilwoman LaShay Harris and County Legislator Sabrina LaMar Endorse Mayor Lovely Warren

Strong Women Leaders Stand-Up & Back “Our City’s Strongest Leader for Our Families”

(Thursday, June 17, 2021) – City Councilwoman LaShay Harris and County Legislator Sabrina LaMar today endorsed Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. The two female leaders stressed Mayor Warren’s success in providing programs and services to lift up City families, her leadership through the pandemic and her willingness to fight against racism and sexism.

“Mayor Warren has always been there for our families. Through the pandemic she mailed masks to every home, fed millions of meals to our kids and made sure they had access to laptops and the internet so they could keep learning,” said Councilmember LaShay Harris. “Now, she’s fighting for equal access to vaccines, creating the Office of Neighborhood Safety and expanding job training to ensure we recover together stronger than before.”

County Legislator Sabrina LaMar stressed Mayor Warren’s strength in standing up against racism and sexism wherever and whenever it occurs. LaMar also emphasized Warren’s success in providing affordable housing and increasing homeownership.

“Lovely’s not afraid to stand up and fight for us. She was there for Treyvan (Rowe), Jaisaan (Lovett), (Cephas) Archie, and me when powerful people tried to harm us or failed us. She stood up when Dr. King was insulted on our airwaves. Mayor Warren is not afraid of a fight and making ‘Good Trouble’,” said LaMar. “She’s also provided affordable homes for thousands of our families and has created programs to help us buy homes like the Urban League’s rent-to-own program in the southwest.”

Mayor Lovely Warren thanked both Harris and LaMar for their support.

“Having the support of these strong Black women leaders means the world to me. Because it shows that when we come together there is nothing that can stop us. We can create more jobs, safer more vibrant neighborhoods and greater educational opportunities. I’m proud to have their support and I know that with them on our team, and our community behind me, we will win and continue to deliver a stronger Rochester,” said Warren.

Both Harris and LaMar stressed that everyone in our community needs to get out and vote.

“We can’t have any regrets. We have to stay in the fight with our Mayor. That’s why everyone, I mean everyone, needs to go vote — whether it’s early or on Primary Day,” said Harris.

“We’ve come too far and achieved too much to stop now,” said LaMar. “We have to finish the fight and our work for this city. So we need you to vote for Lovely on Primary Day, said LaMar.

Information about early voting, including rides to the polls, can be found at