Democratic Party Endorsement

(Thursday, May 18, 2017) — Mayor Lovely A. Warren accepted the Democratic nomination of the Monroe County Democratic Committee this evening, saying Rochester is on the right track, with unemployment and crime down, graduation rates and pre-k enrollment up, and development taking place in every corner of the city.

“I told you four years ago that we would invest in our people while investing in our infrastructure and we did,” Mayor Warren said. “I thank you all for recognizing that we are moving forward and the progress that we have made together is too vast and too important to change directions and go another course. We have created jobs, we have made our neighborhoods safer and more vibrant and we have created better educational opportunities for our children. And we are not finished yet.”

Mayor Warren said that by building partnerships, the city has made great strides and confidence in Rochester has been restored.

“From Park Avenue to Charlotte, from Corn Hill to Hudson Avenue, we have reignited our city,” Mayor Warren said.

Mayor Warren called on local Democrats to unite to defend the democratic values currently being challenged in Washington.

“We must start by getting our own house in order and I plan to lead that movement,” Mayor Warren said. “Now more than ever we have to be the keepers of democracy, we have to ensure that the people of our city can find refuge, can find hope, can find promise in the American Dream.”


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