Equity & Fairness for Everyone

Mayor Lovely Warren on Equity:

“Frederick Douglass, our greatest Rochesterian, said ‘A government that cannot, or does not, protect the humblest Citizen…should be reformed or overthrown without delay.” His words ring true today, and despite our achievements, we still have work to do to achieve equity for every man, woman and child in our City. Whether it’s providing affordable and safe housing, welcoming New Americans, standing with our LGTBQ+ neighbors, or providing those with a difficult past a path to redemption and success, I work everyday for a Rochester that embodies Douglass’ vision. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and this essential work. You can always email me at Lovely@MayorLovelyWarren.com with any questions or ideas about how we can achieve true equity in our community!”

Mayor Warren’s Achievements Toward Creating Equity in Rochester:

  • A better life starts with a safe home. That’s why under Mayor Warren’s leadership the City has helped build or renovate over 3,800 affordable homes since 2014. These homes are the foundation for over 9,000 residents to raise their families and pursue their dreams.
  • Closing the wealth gap between families of color and white families is key to achieving racial equity. To lead this important work, Mayor Warren created the Office of Community Wealth Building that has helped over 700 families with financial planning, tax preparation and other services to help them break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.
  • The pandemic has made the struggles of our families even more clear. That’s why Mayor Warren is providing over $6.5 million for our neighbors in need of emergency rent assistance, legal assistance to fight eviction and other housing services. She’s committed to making sure all Rochesterians recover from the pandemic together.
  • Under Mayor Warren’s leadership, the City has partnered with Foodlink and RCSD, to provide over 1.5 million meals to our neighbors in need since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. These meals are available at City R-centers, or by calling 211, our seniors have been able to have food delivered from one of 20 neighborhood restaurants. Mayor Warren is dedicated to feeding our community as we recover from the pandemic together.
  • Mayor Warren is proud to continue Rochester’s proud history of fighting for equity. She introduced legislation to ensure Rochester is a Sanctuary City that welcomes New Americans. To create a path to a brighter future, Mayor Warren “Banned the Box ” to prohibit employers from asking about criminal convictions. And, she guaranteed that the City’s transgender employees have full access to the healthcare they deserve.
  • Mayor Warren is a nationally recognized leader in fighting for equity and to dismantle racism. She is the Vice President of the African American Mayors Association and co-Chair of the National League of Cities Race, Equity and Leadership Initiative. Under Mayor Warren’s leadership, Rochester has secured $1.6 million in grants from President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program to help residents overcome challenges to a better job or education.