Mayor Warren and Councilmember Melendez Calling for Changes in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution…

February 26, 2021. I am committed to making sure that our Black and Brown communities have equal access to COVID-19 vaccines. Though a designated location on St, Paul Street is scheduled to meet the need of city residents in certain zip codes for one-week beginning March 3rd, I and City Councilmember Miguel Melendez Jr. have teamed up and have reached out to the State requesting a two-week extension. We believe that we need more than one designated week to get people registered and to the site to be vaccinated.

Also, we are requesting that Community Based Organizations (CBOs) be allowed to directly help schedule appointments. Plus, we’re enlisting the help of Recreation Centers and Libraries to also register our citizens for the vaccines.

We want to ensure equity in access so we must band together to make sure our citizens can readily and easily register to be vaccinated at the St. Paul Street location. In the meantime, while we await State approval on the extension, please visit or call 311 for assistance in obtaining an appointment to get vaccinated.

-Mayor Lovely Warren