Mayor Warren Calls Out Board of Elections for Voter Suppression
  • City Polling Locations Have Been Changed Affecting Voters in 71 Districts, Making Voting More Difficult for Elderly, Poor, as well as, Black and Brown Voters
  • Mayor Warren called on the BOE to immediately return polling sites to senior housing locations, churches and community centers

(Thursday, June 17, 2021) – Mayor Lovely Warren today called upon the Board of Elections to reverse its decisions to disenfranchise city voters by eliminating polling places at churches, senior apartment complexes and community centers. At least 80% of the changes in polling locations are in areas where voters of color reside and in locations where the elderly and those with limited mobility live. In some instances, many of these voters that lack access to transportation, or have disabilities, have to travel over a mile-and-a-half to vote.

“It’s clear what is happening. The opposition knows that when Election Day comes our supporters always come out and vote. That’s why we have won race after race, election after election. Now, they are moving these polling places to stop us from voting. Making it so the poor, the elderly and disabled can’t get to the polls. It’s outrageous and today I’m calling it out. The Board of Elections must immediately act to return these polling places to where our poor, minority and elderly voters reside.”

Mayor Warren stated that this issue isn’t just a concern for this election, but for the voting rights of all City residents going forward.

“If this is allowed to happen this year, it will only get worse. Before now, we expected this attack on our voters in places like Alabama and Georgia. We didn’t think they would have the nerve, the audacity, to do it here in Rochester, New York. But, make no mistake, our opposition will rest at nothing to stop Black and Brown voters from going to the polls. If they get away with it now, they will only do worse in the future,” said Warren.

Mayor Warren is calling on the Board of Elections to restore polling locations at senior housing locations, churches and community centers. She also is asking her supporters to call her campaign if they need help getting to the polls at 585-491-6130 and to also call that number to report any problems they experience voting. Mayor Warren also encouraged her voters to get out and vote no matter what and to stand against this voter suppression.

“Most importantly, we need to get out and vote. The only way to overcome this outrageous attack on our birthright is to get to the polls. If you need help, call our campaign at 585-491-6130 and we will help you. Don’t be discouraged, stand up and get out and vote — whether you do it early or on Primary Day,” said Warren.