Mayor Warren Congratulates Lawrence Brumfield, First African-American Promoted to Battalion Chief in Rochester

Today, the Rochester Fire Department passed another milestone on its path to reflect the diverse population of the city with the promotion of Lawrence Brumfield to Battalion Chief. He is the first Black man to gain that rank in the latest of a long line of ‘firsts’ for the 24-year Department veteran.

Battalion Chief Brumfield joined the RFD in 1997 after successfully completing the second class of the Rochester Firefighter Trainee Program, a program held at East High School, launched by Mayor Johnson to recruit more city residents to the RFD. That program evolved and is now known as Career Pathways to Public Safety in partnership with the Rochester City School District. It includes the Rochester Police Department, Emergency Communications Department, and other jobs in public safety.

In addition to being the first Black man to serve in his new rank, Battalion Chief Brumfield is also the first Firefighter Trainee to be promoted to that rank. He was also the first Firefighter Trainee to be promoted to lieutenant and captain. While serving in the RFD, Battalion Chief Brumfield has continued his higher education and now holds a degree and certification as a nurse practitioner and is working toward his doctorate in nursing.

Congratulations, Battalion Chief Brumfield!