More Jobs For Rochester Residents

Mayor Lovely Warren on Jobs:

“Good jobs allow our families to provide for themselves and our City’s children. They are critical to building a brighter future and achieving equity throughout Rochester. That’s why creating and protecting jobs has been a priority for me as your Mayor. My goal is to ensure that every citizen can find meaningful work and pursue their dreams so we break the cycle of poverty in every corner of Rochester. I’m proud of my record working for you and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. You can always email me at with any questions or ideas about how we can do even more to keep people working!”

Mayor Warren’s Achievements in Creating & Protecting Jobs:

    • Since Mayor Warren took office over 5,600 jobs have been created each year from over $340 million in private construction annually! That’s more than the double the number of jobs and investment compared to former mayors in the eight years before Mayor Warren.
    • To keep people working during the pandemic, Mayor Warren ensured that 600 local businesses received over $1.2 million in emergency retention grants since March 2020. These small businesses are the lifeblood of our City and provide vital jobs to our neighbors.
    • Mayor Warren has invested over $300 million in our neighborhoods since taking office. Fixing and improving our roads, bridges, libraries and R-Centers. These projects put over 4,900 people to work making our City a better place to live!
    • In just the last two years, Mayor Warren has awarded $27 million in contracts to Minority and/or Women-owned (MWBE) businesses! This is an increase of over 300% compared to two years before! She’s ensuring that our City is lifting up our Black and Brown community with our tax dollars!
    • Helping our unemployed and underemployed neighbors is a top priority for Mayor Warren. That’s why she helped create ReJob, Rochester’s environmental job training program. Amazingly, every single ReJob graduate has found a better-paying job and improved their financial well-being!  That means 95 people and their families have been lifted up since ReJob started in 2017.
    • Mayor Warren founded the Office of Community Wealth Building which has helped our neighbors create 150 new businesses since 2018. The entrepreneurs are creating wealth in our community, strengthening our neighborhoods and providing jobs to our fellow residents!