Safer, More Vibrant Neighborhoods

Mayor Lovely Warren on Protecting and Lifting Up Our Neighborhoods:

“2020 has made clear that we have to find a balance between protecting our community and changing policing to help those in crisis in order to truly lift up our neighborhoods. All of us, including our children, must first feel safe so that we can pursue our goals and dreams.

We also have to ensure trust between our first responders and our residents they protect and serve. This trust is essential to reducing crime. That’s why I have worked hard to implement community policing and continue to advance plans to bring our police into our neighborhoods.

I know that there is still much to be done to achieve these goals, but I am proud of our work and remain dedicated to ensuring that every neighborhood in our community is safer and more vibrant than ever before. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my record. You can always email me at with any questions or ideas about how we can create safer, more vibrant neighborhoods.”

Mayor Warren’s Achievements Creating Safer, More Vibrant Neighborhoods:

  • Mayor Warren led the fight to bring body worn cameras to the Rochester Police Department! In 2016, she proposed the legislation that required Rochester Police Department officers to wear Body Worn Cameras and record every time they are making an arrest or traffic stop. Mayor Warren believes that this transparency is the best way to ensure trust between our police officers and our residents they protect and serve!
  • Ensuring that our police officers live in our city is essential to building trust and respect for our community. That’s why Mayor Warren proposed that all newly-hired Rochester Police Department officers be required to live in Rochester. She believes that our police officers must be truly part of and invested in the future of our City and all of its families.
  • To ensure our neighbors in crisis get the help they need, Mayor Warren is creating Crisis Intervention Teams to provide a non-police response to 911 calls for people dealing with a mental health issue. This will allow people in crisis to safely get the help they need and allow our police officers to focus on keeping our neighborhoods safe.
  • Mayor Warren believes in keeping her promises! That’s why she fought for and delivered The International Plaza on North Clinton Avenue and the Roc City Skate Park fulfilling two long-standing promises to our City. These are just two of the many projects Mayor Warren has completed to keep our City’s promises and make our neighborhoods more vibrant.
  • Mayor Warren filled in and revitalized Inner Loop East that was a lasting example of how redlining and housing policy trapped Black and Brown people in poverty. Today, it has been transformed into a vibrant neighborhood that brings people from all backgrounds and incomes together. $22 million in public investment led to $229 million in private investment building affordable, workforce and market-rate housing for all of our community!
  • To bring new life to our downtown, Mayor Warren has partnered with Governor Cuomo to Roc the Riverway! She is reclaiming our City’s connection and history to the mighty Genesee River. Over $50 million is being invested to improve our Convention Center and the War Memorial at the Blue Cross Arena. So as we recover from COVID, our Downtown will be ready to shine!