The Dawson Development Team Selected to Drive Private Investment in the Bull’s Head District

(Thursday, June 10, 2021) –I want to welcome the Dawson Development Team of Atlanta, Ga to Rochester. This highly qualified team has a proven track record in urban revitalization and reinvestment. I am happy to announce that they will serve as the City’s partner in developing approximately 12 acres of City-owned property in the Bull’s Head district.

The Bull’s Head district is located on the western part of the city surrounding the intersection of West Main Street, West Avenue; Brown and Genesee Streets. In the 1860s, it was a booming area that hosted a cattle market and housed a tavern with a bull’s head over its front door. The Bull’s Head district of today struggles with the effects of more than 50 years of institutional racism, resulting in a high concentration of poverty, disinvestment and environmental contamination.

Though the Bull’s Head Revitalization Project was launched in 2009, it sat largely dormant until my administration dedicated $10.6 million in the City’s Capital Improvement Program Budget for land acquisition and environmental remediation. Since then The Revitalization Project has included significant community involvement and the Dawson Team will continue working with the community as projects move forward.

A team of agencies led by the Dawson Development Team, will drive private-sector investment to the Bull’s Head Revitalization Project. The Team also includes: Brinshore Development of Chicago; Shift Capital of Philadelphia, Pa.; and USC of Rochester. They will be a committed partner that shares our community’s vision to restore Bull’s Head to prominence as the western gateway of our city.

Just last week, the prestigious Urban Land Institute, which draws on the expertise of more than 45,000 planners and real estate professionals from across the world, and which develops models designed to transform urban neighborhoods struggling with disinvestment, concluded a three-day study of Bull’s Head and has given the City a set of recommendations to facilitate the area’s transformation.

We are really looking forward to digging into these recommendations for change and making them a reality. I want to thank the Urban Land Institute for recognizing the potential of Bull’s Head and investing its time and energy here.

The Dawson Development Team was selected though a competitive bid process based on qualifications and was selected for; demonstrating creative, community-based ways to foster commercial growth in urban communities; adopting a holistic community approach to revitalization/redevelopment; a passion for equity in disadvantaged/disinvested communities of color; and the personal connections of several members to the 19th Ward neighborhood.